2015, the year of new beginnings.  I know that I am not alone in these changes, losses and new beginnings.  We are all walking this road together. I would love for my blog and website to be a place where my friends, family and followers can hear about how I find healing in this life of ever-present destruction and creation, endings and beginnings.  

For months, I have spoken about beginning this blog, finishing my website and creating a place where I can share about my work and study, so that others around me might find them helpful in healing. This blog and website have had me frozen in fear - fear of failure, fear of rejection.  It will open up a creative outlet, it will pave a new path, and allow me to walk a new road, which is both exciting and unnerving.  Today, I choose to let go of that fear and proclaim a new beginning.  I choose to have more creativity in my life.  I choose more music, more dance, more writing, more love-making, more cooking, more gardening, and more community building.   

Stay tuned for more writings.  For now, take 3 breaths, find some space.  Then choose how you want to find a creative expression in your life.  Be in the flow and have ease in your decision.

Love and Courage to you as you cast out on your new beginning.