Singing & Stuff

Come and hear me sing! I sing yoga music and pop music. In yoga classes I sing to the students in savasana and throughout the monthly restorative class, as an element of sound healing. I am also in a band with Doug Pauly, where we play around town and for private events. I also work privately with students, utilizing postural and breathing techniques to create more ease in your voice. Check out the calendar below and join me for some music medicine.

Doug and Jeanne still photo.jpg

The Doug & Jeanne Project at The Side Door

Our 5-piece band has been invited back to a local gem, The Side Door in Curtis Park. Please mark your calendars, buy your tickets and join us for these nights of music and fun.

April 6th 7:00pm

August 17th 7:00pm

November 16th 7:00pm


Inviting the Moon: Restorative Yoga, Massage and Sound

First Sunday of every month, 5:30-7:30pm at Delta Mind Body Center at 2014 10th Street, Sacramento.  Catherine LaO' will be leading the restorative yoga class, while massage therapists gently work on your body.  I will be singing yogic lullabies to ease the mind and body, further calming the nervous system.  Email for enrollment and additional information.


Yoga and Voice

One of the fundamental purposes of Yoga is to promote the movement of life-force energy through the body. Often times, we have areas of the body that feel rigid, congested or stuck. This “stuck-ness” can be created by many things, but one of the most common causes is a block in the channel where the energy passes. There are many methods for clearing blocks, but one way to unstick these areas of the body is to make sound. Sound might be a hum or an “ahhhh”. It doesn’t have to be a song. It might become a song, or a string of different notes that feel intuitive and easy. It’s all about the good vibrations. The jaw, neck and shoulders will thank you. In the long run, the practice of making sound will open the channel between your voice and your heart, and you may begin speaking more of your truth.

If this sounds interesting to you, send me a note. We can always work together one-on-one if you can’t find me in a group setting.