Cultivating Space

Creating and allowing space into our lives is a constant challenge in our modern culture.  We must choose space, actively and ritualistically.  Try it now:  take 3 deep breaths.  …Did you feel that?  Space. 

Working with the concept of space does not feel like work.  It is a slow, easy, deliberate, sloth-like work.  Time does not move as quickly when you create space.  Each element of the day is dotted with conscious choices, rather than all habitual or reactive choices.  Working in creating and allowing space feeds more contentment into each element of the day; simultaneously, it is an opportunity to sit with the discomfort of stillness, silence and the incessant thoughts. 

When I do not feel spaciousness, there is a desire to be elsewhere.  I am not fully content with the present moment, as if it could be better, more interesting or, just other than it is.  I feel an anxiousness or excitement about the next thing, because it's the next thing to do, like, "Look how much I’mdoing!"   My natural tendency is true for most of us in contemporary culture: constantly doing, striving, achieving.  Because of this intense imbalance, we feel our energy being depleted.  This is a very masculine energy pattern and we need to channel the energy of the feminine: receptive, creative, slow, accepting, nurturing.  Step into this space with patience, kindness and courage.  This energy exists inside all of us, but it is just asleep.  We need to re-awaken this other, softer half, with vigilance and authenticity. 

This practice of creating and allowing space is necessary to our species' vitality: it affects our ability to be in relationship, our ability to feel and emote, and our ability to create a new world vision beyond the one into which we were born.  If you feel out of balance, let's temper the imbalance in our lives and get back into the flow of the feminine.  Dance, sing, do yoga, cook, garden, make art, make love and create community.  Work doesn't always have to feel hard - find the work that feels easy and fill the space consciously.

Love to you on your journey into Spaciousness