4 Steps to Dream like Dr. King

This week we honor one of the world's brightest humans: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..  A champion of non-violence, love and justice, Dr. King also reminded us to Dream.

Dreams come from the heart: they are filled with joy, light and abundance.

This week, let go of resolutions and allow yourself to Dream Big.

Follow these 4 steps, and dream up a renewed vision for your life:

First, sit in silence for a few minutes and breathe, envisioning a color brimming from your heart.  As you inhale the color brightens, as you exhale the color dims slightly.

Second, write down all of the biggest dreams you can imagine for your life - there are no restrictions to the size and scope of these dreams.  Go BIG or go home.

Third, write down all of the blockages (the negative thoughts that accompany your dreams; why you can't or shouldn't).

Lastly, read the dreams and blockages aloud.  Feel the excitement, fear, and anticipation in this place of the unknown.

Who was it that established the equation, Hard Work = Value?   I don't feel that this one-way, hard-core track is sustainable.  Envision a life that would feel easy, free and light.  It probably is difficult to imagine, since we only know the feeling of swimming upstream.  But, in order to find a sense of balance in our lives, we need some easy, fun work that is also stimulating and valuable.  Some of the best experiences in my  life have been with my loved ones and friends, traveling, laughing, singing, collaborating, creating, and crying.   We must make time to live life on our terms.  So, even if your dreams seem impossible or ridiculous, you need to write them down. Pen to paper; there's magic in this simple process.  Your most fabulous dreams are waiting in your heart and they deserve to be seen and heard.  Let the mind (and fear) quiet down, while still acknowledging your thoughts, so as to get to know them better.  Once you know your fears, they begin to lose power over your choices.  Then, speak the dreams and fears; hear yourself, feel the words in your body and in your mouth.  Words and sound have the power to move energy.

You can repeat this 4-step process (or create your own!) anytime you are feeling a lackluster energy in your life.  Remember, if you can dream it, it's already in your heart. Conquer your fear, document your dreams, then sit back and watch your visions unfold.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called upon the world to dream of a different future for society, one where all people are treated as equally valuable.  No conditions, no judgements, only love.  It's still a work in progress. Humans are always capable of ignorance, violence, fear and anger, but at the root of these emotions is our collective grief.  We are all grieving the long history of humans dehumanizing humans, and all we are meant to do is love unconditionally and live harmoniously.  Let's honor Dr. King, remember our people's history, and heed his call to dream for a better and brighter future.  It's not perfect, but it's progress.

I wish you the biggest and brightest dreams come true.

Jeanne M.